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Laser Hair Removal

Hello and welcome to my page on at home laser hair removal. I hope to teach you the basics of what laser hair removal is. Because even though most of us will have heard of it, our understanding of exactly what it is, and how it works, may be lacking. Usual problems & questions people have with is:

  • Is it safe?
  • Does it hurt?
  • How long does it take to work?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Is it permanant? 
  • How does it work?

I will hope to answer all of these questions. Maybe not all straight away, but I will continue to add sections on all of them.


Information on laser hair reduction handing you all the things you need to understand prior to treatment.

At Home Laser Hair Reduction

You will find a number of benefits to receiving at home laser hair removal. For men and women alike, undesired body hair can be a real bother; we all feel many times more confidant without it. Yet there are a lot of shortcomings that could accompany getting your hair eliminated by a pro. It can be humiliating, pricy and painful. With an at home laser hair removal device you can reduce your hair in the privacy of your own home as many occasions as you desire for a predetermined fee. Additionally because the laser isn’t as severe as a home device, it will not hurt as much.

At home laser hair removal benefits

In comparison with shaving manually, at home laser hair eradication, and laser hair removal in general has loads of advantages. Just think about all those situations you've needed to shave just before going out; wouldn’t it be nice if you no longer had to think about that? Or possibly you’re just fed-up with hair growing where it shouldn't and want it to quit growing in that place forever. Shaving with classic procedures can cause lots of troubles like rashes, acne and dry skin. Next there are obstacles like missing areas with too much hair and not seeing until it’s too late. So wouldn’t it be fantastic if those problems could be forgotten about?

In basic terms at home laser hair removal mean you don’t need to shave ever again. It will save you time and money. Think of it as an investment. You can give yourself treatments when it’s convenient for you, in the areas you want and for the period of time you want.

At home laser hair removal will actually halt your hair follicles producing hair, this means it's a permanent solution to stopping your hair growing. It focuses on your hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin by aiming at the melanin – dark colour of hair. To do this it fires heat at the hair. You'll need to give yourself a couple of treatments though.

Laser hair removal expense

Having hair taken out professionally can be too costly, you frequently will need more than one treatment doing, and think about how much it will cost on several body parts. Prices do vary quite a bit, for a minor area it could be $45 (£25) or for a sizeable section up to $230 (£150) and bear in mind if you need 4 treatments you have times those numbers by 4. Investing in an at home laser hair removal system saves cash in the future so reduces the amount of the total laser hair removal expense. Laser hair removal at home can be as low-priced as $460 (£290) (and that's for a superb system!) so if you want more than one treatment (which is necessary) on several parts of the body it is clearly the best option.

I'd really recommend At Home laser hair removal systems in conclusion - they are a good investment.

The Following is a list of a number of treatment costs:

Upper Lip – $59 / £31

Chin – $65 / £45

Eyebrows – $56 / £38

Face – $164 / £110

Arms – $274 / £279

Armpits – $62 / £45

Legs – $279 / £180

Hands or Feet – $67 / £41

Chest – $161 / £110

Back - $280 / £278

Buttocks – $163 / £103

Bikini Line - $168 / £108

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